Benefits Of Blogging For (Surprise!) Your Health

Recent scientific studies reveal some interesting benefits of blogging. The social and mental benefits are not too surprising. This is because blogs connect like-minded people around the world through researched, written content. What is surprising is that blogging also improves physical well-being. Who knew!

A Brief History Of Blogging

Blogging began back in 1994. It started as a way to journal online. A Swarthmore College student, Justin Hall, made an online log for his personal writing. He’s now known as the internet’s first blogger.

Little did he know he was starting a global sensation!

The term weblog first turned up in 1997 as the number of people using the World Wide Web to post written logs grew. Two years later, the name was shortened further to blog.

By the late 1990s, writing platforms emerged. Open Diary and LiveJournal were two of the most popular. Writing platforms opened up online journaling to everyone, even if they had no coding skills. Within a platform’s community, members could share their writing and comment on each other’s posts.

Soon all blog posts got their own Uniform Resource Locator (URL). With unique URLs, individual blog posts were no longer stuck inside the virtual walls of a single writing platform. Now, blog posts could be shared and commented upon across the entire World Wide Web.

Blogging Today

Fast forward to today. Blogging shows absolutely no signs of slowing down. That’s because there are currently over 31 million bloggers around the world posting 7 million articles per day.

Who knew we all had so much to say!

Blogs aren’t just online journals anymore, however. They are becoming increasingly important to the success of business websites, for instance. But personal blogs continue to be as popular as ever.

Why Start A Blog?

There are lots of reasons people start personal blogs, including:

  • A love for writing
  • A desire to share their knowledge, ideas, and/or opinions
  • An interest in exploring a topic in-dept
  • Because all their friends are blogging

Writing blog posts is a great creative outlet. Publishing them is a satisfying accomplishment. Given this, it’s no wonder blogging appeals to so many people.

smiling woman at laptop benefits of blogging

Blogging And Science

As with most anything, where the public goes, research follows. The realm of blogging is no exception.

As blogging has grown in popularity, studies about blogging have popped up, too. Both scientists and psychologists have started taking a closer look at the pros and cons of blogging.

And the overall findings? Remarkably positive!

Blogging, it turns out, has a lot of benefits. And some of the benefits are more than a little surprising.

Benefits Of Blogging

The benefits of blogging can be divided into three general categories:

  • Social
  • Mental
  • Physical

While every blogger is unique, most will enjoy benefits from each of these three categories. So let’s explore them each in more detail.

Social Benefits of Blogging

It’s no surprise that one of the biggest advantages of blogging is the social benefit. A 2011 study confirms this:

…blogging does indeed benefit the author in a psychosocial manner [and]…the general agreement [is] that blogging leads to expanded social networks and greater social support.

James R. Baker and Susan M. Moore
Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking
Jun 2011.387-390
laptops connected to globe showing social benefits of blogging

How does this social benefit develop?

First, blogging connects the writer to a worldwide audience.

Second, ideas are exchanged across continents and among people of varying cultures from all walks of life.

Finally, the blogger gains a core following of consistent readers.

The faithful readers, by leaving comments and interacting with the author, become acquaintances, supporters, and sometimes even friends.

Blogging and the Brain

Blogging has made writing an accessible activity for many. And writing, it turns out, is a scientifically proven way to keep the brain healthy:

It has been demonstrated, across a variety of investigations, that writing activities yield a number of intellectual, physiological, and emotional benefits to individuals. These benefits include improve memory function, decreased symptomatology, and greater feelings of happiness.

The Benefits of Writing
Northern Illinois University’s Center for the Interdiscinplinary Study of Language and Literacy
blue light image of brain

Creating content for a blog requires planning, forethought, and logical thinking. Researching keeps the brain active. And turning new knowledge into an article enhances memory functions.

In other words, pretty much everything about blogging helps keep the brain healthy.

Physical Benefits of Blogging

Sitting and typing at a computer is a sedentary task. Most of us, therefore, would not consider it a healthy activity.

Scientific research results, however, beg to differ. While no one is going to build muscle or improve fitness levels sitting at a desk, blogging does offer measurable physical benefits:

…besides serving as a stess-coping mechanism, expressive writing produces many physiological benefits. Research shows that it improves memory and sleep, boosts immune cell activity…and even speeds healing after surgery.

Blogging – It’s Good for You
By Jessica Wapner, Scientific American

Scientists believe the creative act of writing releases dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is sometimes called the “feel good” chemical. It allows us to feel pleasure, satisfaction, and motivation.

Dopamine also has a role to play in controlling memory, mood, sleep, learning, concentration and body movements.

Health Direct

Dopamine is good for the brain and the body. And blogging is one of a number of creative activities that can help increase dopamine levels, leading to better physical well-being.

Benefits of Blogging for Older Adults

Studies have shown that blogging is uniquely beneficial to older adults aged 60 and over. The Journal of Gerontological Social Work has published research that

…identified four different benefits related to blogging: (1) a general sense of satisfaction from producing the blog; (2) relational benefits; (3) cognitive benefits; and (4) identity benefits.

smiling older lady with laptop illustrating benefits of blogging for older adults

Blogging is not just for the young but also the young at heart.

And the benefits of blogging? Those are ageless.

Are You Interested in Blogging?

If you’d love to blog but don’t know where to start, I can help!

I’ll work with you to create a website you love and handle all the technical details.

All you’ll need to do is blog to your heart’s content.

Then you, too, can enjoy all the amazing benefits of blogging.

Ready to turn your blogging goals into reality?

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  1. Bravo! I enjoyed blogging very much until monetizing my blog made it more of a chore than a hobby. I experienced many of the perks you mentioned and continue to enjoy interaction with lifelong friends I made on my blogging journey. Your article makes me want to give it another go. Thank you.

    • I think it’s best to start blogging just for fun. If it continues to be a joy, the blog will grow and monetizing will follow naturally. So many people set out with the goal of making money from their blog, and that does turn it into a chore. I know you love to write, so I hope you’ll consider giving blogging for fun a try again one day.

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